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Friday, September 14, 2007

Forte! The Loudest HF Radio Source


I finally got my program going for visualizing celestial radio sources. It was one of those stay-up-all-night-cause-its-too-exciting-to-sleep kinda deals. The push came at was the end of a week-long programming binge. Now its rehab time.

Here are some preliminary results, seen from several points of view. In these images, the size of the blob is the loudness of the source. The color of the blob is the spectral index. Purply blobs are blue-shifted "hot" sources. Orange-red blobs are red-shifted and thus cooler, in the radiant sense.

To give you a sense of this, here is Andromeda, by its lonesome:

Here it is hanging with its radio friends:

Some friends are louder than others:

Turns out this source is near a couple of black holes in the catalog.
One is "feasting" the other is "spewing". Quite the cosmic party.

I find that very exciting...

You can too. The Google Earth kml file may be downloaded here.

- Van

L. Van Warren MS CS, AE
FCC AE License AE5CC

"Slow is Fast and Fast is Slow"

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Alberto Conti said...

Great! You should consider posting your kml on the GoogleSky community. And send me a copy.