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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Third Rock: Get Your Galactic Freak On

Made some more progress getting the Ukranian RF data loaded into Google Earth.
Many of the glitches are gone and I am getting better coregistration.
Here is an example of a “possible” optical correlation with a radio source.
In galaxy zoo this would be classified as an elliptical galaxy. Perhaps it isn’t!

I still have to size the radio emitting sources by their flux, which is a little harder due to the grammar, but is coming into reach. There are a few really loud sources. I can’t wait to get my freak on them. But at 5:30 am, its probably time to go to sleep! This is so exciting, it is literally making me sick to my stomach. I am having a lot of anxiety with each step. This is very powerful stuff. Leverage. And it is so new. No eyes have ever seen this massive correlation.
Don’t know who to tell really, so you guys are it! I will release a layer soon and you can load it into Google Earth yourself!

All the red spots below are radio sources.

All the best,

- Van

L. Van Warren MS CS, AE
FCC AE License AE5CC
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